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What is a phobia?

A phobia is an irrational fear of a situation or a specific thing.

It can affect a sufferer in many ways...from slight discomfort to a full blown panic attack when faced with a particular situation.

In some cases, sufferers modify their lifestyle in an attempt to keep themselves 'safe'.

There are two main types of phobias:

Specific Phobias - fear of spiders / fear of flying / crowds / Tube trains / fear of heights etc)

Social Phobias - This is where an sufferer has a fear of becoming embarrassed in certain situations e.g. being asked to speak in a meeting at work / giving a presentation / dinner parties etc. 

The fear experienced by sufferers in both of these categories can be quite extreme and leaves the person feeling out of control.

*June was suffering with severe agoraphobia and could barely leave her house, and even then with great difficulty.

She just sent me a lovely email and a picture of her doing a charity sky dive!

"Fear is proportionate to what lies in front of us, when we realise that and work through our feelings and thoughts anything is possible, from jumping out of an aeroplane to going outside the front door

As you said David, we were meant to meet of that I have no doubt. Thanks for your part in my life."

*results may vary from person to person

What causes a phobia?

Phobias are 'learnt' in early childhood memories. A young child, when seeing a spider for the first time is only curious. That child then wants to investigate and moves their hand towards the the mother sees this, she screams and grabs the child's hand. This action then causes a folder to be created within the child's subconscious mind that spiders are really dangerous. As that child grows up, their conscious logical mind tries to rationalise this fear of spiders...however when they see a spider as an adult, their subconscious reminds them of the mother's reaction when young and confirms that they really are in danger. The more the intelligent logical conscious mind tells you that you are safe, the more the subconscious fights to convince you that you aren't.

How can virtual online hypnotherapy help address a phobia?

Whilst in a relaxed hypnotic state, an individual is then able to access previously hidden subconscious memories. They remember exactly how that child felt but then interpret that scene as an intelligent adult, rather than the scared child who first experienced it. This then 'overwrites' the negative aspect of this particular memory.

 They are then equipped to handle future incidents involving the feared object or situation in a much more rational and intelligent way.

virtual online hypnotherapy for phobia  Click here to Whatsapp me now

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