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What are the symptoms of IBS

Symptoms do vary considerably from person to person but may include the following:

*  Abdominal pain (which can range from mild to severe)

*  Bloated stomach

*  Variations in bowel habits which can range from chronic diarrhoea to constipation

*  Excess flatulence

*  Nausea

*  Symptoms normally associated with indigestion

NB This list of symptoms is not exhaustive and may be caused by problems other than IBS. In every case, you should always consult your GP for advice.

The precise causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are not known, however some experts suggest that it could be triggered by specific types of food, hormones and stress or a combination of the these. It is generally agreed within the medical profession that whilst the precise causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS are not known,it is widely accepted that psychological issues such as stress and anxiety do play a major part in triggering the symptoms.

When we look at the major stressors such as death of a loved one, divorce, moving home or being made redundant...these could be a contributory factor to IBS symptoms

The Benefits of Online Virtual Hypnotherapy for IBS

Online hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for people with severe irritable bowel syndrome, a new study has found.

The study of 20 patients who had the treatment online was led by Professor Peter Whorwell from The University of Manchester.

Hypnotherapy, in combination with other treatments, has been shown to be an effective treatment for patients with serious symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome which do not respond to other treatment.

However, many patients are unable to access treatment because they are unable to travel and these encouraging results suggest that online is an ideal way of treating subjects who may find it difficult to travel to the hospital

I am a 23 year old male and came to visit David after a severe IBS flare up that lasted a few months. It was stressing me out which was inevitably exacerbating the symptoms. I was struggling with all the associated symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, stress etc... I had tried conventional therapy and medication to no avail.

The IBS and symptoms were consuming my life so I thought I would try hypnotherapy, I had read endless positive results from IBS patients so thought I would give it a try. I did a lot of research into whom to see, and after watching videos online decided to book a consultation with David. From the offset I felt calm and comfortable in his presence, he was patient and explained exactly how our sessions would go. He was incredibly understanding of the mental situation I was in in relation to, essentially a physical issue...

I was quite sceptical about how the Hypnosis would feel or work, but was open to the experience, which is the most important thing if you would like to benefit from David's sessions. David taught me to essentially control my own hypnosis and you feel in constant control which is an incredibly comforting feeling. The sessions open your mind to things your conscious mind may not be able to access.

Immediately after the session I felt incredibly at ease and more confident in my self and situation. I have not suffered from an IBS flare ups since the first session 5 weeks ago and have an almost completely different outlook on situations I previously may have feared or situations that would make me feel stressed.

I have since had 3 more sessions with David to explore the underlying causes of these issues and each session I feel more confident and more at ease. David's sessions have enlightened me and helped me to become my former self, prior to any IBS burdens.

I highly recommend any IBS sufferers visit David, coming from someone who has tried everything for this issue, the benefits you may reap are outstanding. Just go in with an open mind and David will help you with the rest!

Ali Yousuf

*results may vary from person to person

Could hypnosis cure a painful gut?

Hypnosis could be one of the most effective ways of beating irritable bowel syndrome, according to new research.

It found 40 per cent of patients volunteering to be hypnotised suffered fewer symptoms afterwards and that the benefits appear to be long lasting. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common gut problem which affects up to one in five people at some point.

Treatment normally involves avoiding foods that might trigger symptoms, taking drugs to halt abdominal pain and diarrhoea or under-going some form of counselling.

Stress is thought to be one of the major triggers for IBS, and hypnotherapy works by helping patients to relax when they experience symptoms such as abdominal pain and bloating.

The research, published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, involved giving 138 IBS patients hypnotherapy for an hour a week over a three month period: a similar sized control group had no treatment at all.

The results showed the reduction in symptoms continued a year after the treatment.

Source: Daily Mail 15th.May 2012

How can hypnotherapy help my IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

IBS sufferers are typically perfectionists setting themselves extremely high standards, having a fear of failure, and constantly needing to be aware of what others think of them.

Childhood experiences before the age of six years play a very important role in the development of a child. Personality, likes, dislikes, fears beliefs are formed at a very young age based upon these experiences

Regression hypnotherapy allows a person to re-experience these memories again as an adult thus allowing them to process them as an adult rather than a confused 5 year old.

The root causes of anxieties and stress will be unearthed from the subconscious. This will then allow a person to alter their reactions in the present day to situations that cause them to be fearful.   

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