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Wednesday 15th.July 2020

Coronavirus: Smokers quit in highest numbers in a decade

Posted by Hypnotherapy London

A survey published today for ASH (Action on Smoking and Health has found that more than 1,000,000 smokers have given up smoking since the Coronavirus hit.

This is the highest number in a decade and over 40% said it was in direct response to COVID

In a separate study, University College London (UCL) have found more people quit smoking in the year to June 2020 than in any year since its survey began in 2007.

Thursday 2nd.July 2020

How to deal with coming out of Lockdown Anxiety

Latest blog from London Hypnotherapist David Samson

As you saw from my last blog, anxiety is increasing as lockdown is eased. Here are some tips to help you deal with this:

1). Don't feel under pressure from others to come out of lockdown.

2). It isn't the same world out there so take your time to adjust to the 'new normal'.

3). Perhaps this could be an opportunity to create a 'new you'.

4). Speak to your employer for reassurance as to what measures have been put in place for your safety

5). Avoid watching the news or any items about COVID

6). If your boss is happy for you to continue working from home then do it.

7). Incorporate lockdown activities into your life e.g. cooking, gardening, eating with the family, online exercise classes etc.

8). Finally...and most importantly...Talk and Share with others how you are may be very surprised how many people are suffering and can relate to what you are going through

Tuesday 30th.June 2020

Lockdown Anxiety

Latest blog from David Samson, Virtual Online Hypnosis

As we come out of Lockdown, do you think anxiety levels are falling or rising? I have been conducting a survey over the past week and it confirms that 84% of people feel that anxiety is rising.

When we were in lockdown, there were obvious initial concerns - a fear of the unknown, fear of the future, loneliness, isolation, fear of illness / death etc. As lockdown progressed, there were unfortunately many deaths and tragic stories however many people became quite comfortable in this new and unique existence. Relationships flourished, families did things together, there was a set routine to the week, working from home became the norm and people felt safe.

The easing of restrictions in an attempt to get back to some form of normality has begun to hit people, and some quite hard. Things which were never an issue before began to become one...leaving the house, getting on a crowded Tube train, walking along a busy street and maybe returning to an office or other place of work.

For those with a fear of social situations, the lockdown was a need to give excuses as to why they couldn't go out to the pub or a dinner party. Suddenly the pressure is back on and the old anxieties are coming back into play.

The other fear, which is quite understandable is that of a second wave or perhaps more. For some, the thought of a person walking close to them may never sit right with them yet alone a handshake or a hug.

This rise in anxiety is not to be taken lightly and the medical profession, social workers, therapists and employers all need to play their part in addressing this


Thursday 4th.June 2020

What did you learn about yourself during lockdown?

Latest blog from David Samson, Virtual Online Hypnotherapist

Did it give you an opportunity to re-evaluate an existing relationship? Did you come to the conclusion that it had run its course? Did you decide that there was little respect in the relationship or it was just one way traffic?

If you were forced to spend time away from someone, did it make you realise how much you missed them and decided to take the relationship to the next level?

If not in a relationship, did it make you realise that now is the time to look for a partner?

As we come out of lockdown, why not treat this as the beginning of a new chapter in your life...

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